About Us

Why We Are Your Printing Solution
By Richard A. Boyd, President and CEO

In 1949, Maury Boyd founded-this company based on the idea that, while all printers can put ink on paper, those who specialized in a specific product generally were able to print a better product for a better price. Maury was joined by his son Richard (Rick) Boyd in 1975 who assumed the role of CEO and President in 1976 when Maury retired. Rick ran the company for the next 43 years, growing the business into a truly nationwide service. In December of 2019 Rick lost his battle with Cancer.

His son Brian Boyd now carries on the tradition of partnering with specialty printers to fulfill the individual needs of our customers. For example, a local commercial printer could print a magazine or book but usually did not have the specific equipment to do that type of job in the most economical or timely fashion.

By partnering with vendors who specialized in books, magazines or other printed products, we found that they are willing to offer us discounted pricing. From their viewpoint, we do the sales work as well as customer service and provided these printers with work ideally suited to their plant and equipment.

We also shepherd each job through the plant, providing detailed specification sheets containing all the information from schedules through shipping details. We even arrange freight and provide postage information.

By providing these services, not only does the printer benefit but so do our clients. By having their job done by one of our many vendors our clients can be assured of a quality product completed in a timely fashion and at a low cost.

With our experience in the industry, we can provide clients with multiple ways to build a better product. Because we are contracted to work for specific print manufacturers, costs for changes can always be adjusted to your projects needs in a timely fashion.

So now you have heard our story. Let us show you how easy it is to put us to work for you. Just send us a printed piece with your quantity. We will provide a quote along with options you might not have thought of to improve your piece or save you money. You can also just email us your specification sheet.


Maury Boyd
Founder, President and CEO 1949-1976

Maury Boyd Founded Maury Boyd and Associates in 1949. He graduated from Butler University in 1931 as a member of Sigma Chi. Prior to founding the business he dabbled in inventing, market research, direct sales and served in the US Army during WWII.

Richard (Rick) Boyd
President and CEO 1976-2019

Rick joined his father and company founder Maury Boyd in 1975, and Rick became President and CEO after Maury’s retirement. He graduated from Babson College in Boston with a degree in Business. Prior to Joining Maury Boyd, Rick worked as a stockbroker in the Boston area. Rick lost his hard fought battle with Cancer in December of 2019.